We had a DREAM: Living indoors, luxurious but cozy and warm in the log houses. Imagine being close to beach and feeling the sunshine of the Mediterranean.
We had a MISSION: to live in a healthy, yoga, physical, emotional, intellectual, mental and spiritual levels to adapt. To enjoy high quality food with the products we cultivate in our own organic garden.
We had an ENTHUSIASM: to walk on ancient Lycia roads, to pedal in Olympos nature park and mountains, and to throw a boat trip on our tiredness. Enjoying the adventures of nature with your passion to be active.
We had a GOAL: to be happy, to listen to music sitting around the fire at night, to watch fire brushes blend into the stars.

Our dream has come true: We have brought together the best of everything that has been placed in a unique position to reach the summit in quality. Now we invite you to share this unique experience with you.

Nature Parade

HikingThe 507 km long Lycian way between Antalya and Fethiye is one of the most beautiful 10-way roads in the world. Gelidonya Lighthouse and Maden bay walking trails are made in the sea, mountain and forest scenery: 4-6 hours.


This easy walk starts at Ulupinar village and follows the river through a picturesque green valley. There is a refreshing river crossing half way down, before we trek up to the little known upper flames of the Chimera. Here we can rest and enjoy the fantastic views of Cirali Valley, before we head down to the lower flames and to our finish point. At the end of the walk is an option to go for a swim at the famous Cirali beach or to visit the ancient city of Olympos. 3.5 hours, walking – 9km


We walk directly through the ruins and the necropolis of the ancient site of Olympos, which was one of the most important cities in the Lycian Union. We follow an old track under strawberry trees to the hidden city on top of Musa Dag (Mt. Moses 650m). We picnic on the mountain plateau, and descend on an old camel path through forest to the village and bay of Adrasan. 67 hours, 650m – 650m


The first one hour of the day starts with an uphill out of the village, once we reach the top, great views are waiting for us. The trek continues undulating through pine forest with views of Susuz ada (Waterless Island) and descends to the famous Lighthouse of Gelidonya. Here we have a big rest and enjoy the unique panorama. From the Lighthouse to the car it’s just a 45min stroll down the hill. 67 hours , 450m– 250m

  • Professional guiding
  • Picnic Lunch, Water, Fruit juice and Cake
  • Transfers
  • Insurance
  • Radio and Cell Phone Communication
  • Minimum Age 8 years with parents, 14 years with written permission
  • Good physical condition
  • Surefooted
  • Trekking Boots or Strong Trainers
  • Emergency Medication (e.g. asthma inhaler)
  • Backpack
  • Sunglasses, Sunhat, Sunscreen
  • Walking sticks, if normally used
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Small change for Extra Drinks and Souvenirs
Ps: You can leave extra items in the minibus

Mountain Bike

MountainBikingWe enjoy the magnificent Taurus mountains of Turkey. You will admire the magnificent views of Olympos, the springs, the remains of ancient civilizations, and you will be in great jungle in pristine pine forests.

Sea Kayaking

Sea KayakingFrom the beautiful beach of Olympos-Cirali, we come to the Genoese cove from the most beautiful spots of the Mediterranean. After giving the moat on the way to the yacht and the cave, we drive to Sazak bay, eat sandwich and swimming brake.

ATV Tours

ATVSafari_bFrom Olympos to Cirali on the mountain roads for tours and sightseeing break, total duration is 3 hours.

Boat Tours

BoatTripsMove from Olympos Beach at 10:30 am, take a break in the Sazak and Genoese villages and enter the sea, a yacht in the cave, grilled fish, coming back at: 17:00



We provide Yoga classes at our hotel, camping services for yoga groups.

Multi Activity

multi activityAfter breakfast at Olympos Village, we drive a bicycle towards Çıralı-Olympos beach.
We enter the ancient city of Olympos by 3 km pedal and then continue to pedal about 1 km in the ancient city to see it. After giving a short break on Olympos coast, we bend our bicycles 1 km to Çıralı Village and turn the pedal again until the end of the beach,
In the woods, in marvelous nature, we walk towards Maden Bay,
After lunch at the bay, we head towards Olympos Beach with sea canoes waiting for us on the beach, then after 3 o’clock paddling, Olympos reaches the ancient city and we go to the city, last but not least we go back to the hotel and enjoy the barbecue…