Paw Concept

The summer holiday you’ve been waiting for months has come. But you have a sweet problem; your precious, lovely friend… This is a detail that makes us think before the holidays.

If you find someone to look after your cute friend, can he act as attentive as you do?Does it feel abandoned even you go to short vacation? When you leave your lovely friend to pet hotels, you will bother about your friend. Not every hotel will accept if you go on holiday together. It is difficult to leave your cat or dog for a short time. Why not include your lovely friend in your most enjoyable holiday memories? As Olympos Village family, we reserve the most special place for our lovely guests so that you do not feel uneasy with these problems during your holiday. If you wish your friend can be with you at any moment of your holiday. Have a pleasant time in your room with your lovely friends. You do not have to leave your pet in your room during your stay. Staying in a room off to cute friends will not be enjoyable at all. You can leave your friends to our large pet playground which we prepared in our garden. Your cute friend can enjoy a huge garden by playing games with other pets in a wide area we have prepared for them. Thanks to our paw concept, all you need to do for your dream of vacationing with your lovely friend is to determine the date you will come to Olympos Village… All size of pets is accepted in our hotel.


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